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Welcome to Aquafresh RO Purifier Official Website

Being a global supplier in RO, UV, and UF water purification technology Aquafresh RO™ has designed the system to meet all the demands of NSF/ANSI water quality level with added features. You will be amazed to know that while several water purifiers available in the market deplete essential minerals naturally present in water, Aquafresh RO water purifier machine retains these vital minerals and provides you water that is not just pure, but healthy too.

List of Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers

Microbes and Germs Free Approach

Aquafresh water systems are inbuilt with RO, UF, and UV Technology. These technologies are capable enough to kill microbes, germs, bacteria, and viruses as well as refine excess TDS, block unhealthy impurities and chemical contaminants, while retaining essential minerals in drinking water. The water quality is automatically monitored with no user interaction required.

Free Aquafresh RO System Shipping & Installation

We provide FREE product shipping and installation in all over Delhi as well as NCR. The Aquafresh RO water purifier machine is delivered and installed by a trained specialist on the same day or the next day of order. You don’t have to bother in placing installation request separately after buying it.

1 Year Product Warranty with Free Services

The product which we provide you is warranted against defects arising from faulty design, damaged parts, workmanship and equipment for 12 months from the date of installation. The costumer will also be entitled for 3 FREE Servicing* of RO water system during the period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aquafresh RO dissolve impurities and make water healthy as well as tasty.

(A) Aquafresh RO classic designs (B) Aquafresh Nexus RO vibrant designs (C) Aquafresh Commercial RO 25 and 50 LPH. (D) Aquafresh Industrial RO 500 and 1000 LPH

For the residential use all Aquafresh RO and Nexus RO, for small offices commercial RO and for big companies industrial RO is best.

Remove Impurities such as Pesticides, Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, and Fluoride etc.

Yes, All Aquafresh RO water purifiers have an additional mineral cartridge which adds necessary minerals back to the water.

Aquafresh RO systems have power consumption of 20 watts. Power consumption may vary in residential, commercial, and industrial RO machines.

In Delhi NCR, Aquafresh RO authorized technician will install the product for free only if you purchase the product from this website.

In Delhi NCR, Aquafresh RO authorised technician will service the product. First-year is free and after that customers need to pay according to the work.

Aquafresh RO water purifiers’ needs servicing twice a year.

What Customers Say about Aquafresh RO

“I was looking for perfect RO purifier for my office. Options are various but there was not anyone who can assist me to understand which purifier will work for me in better manner. Experts at Aquafresh RO Purifiers helped me to find best and affordable 25 LPH Commercial Ro. It is working fine for me.” – Mr. Amit Mishra, Agra

“It becomes critical when your RO dealer doesn’t communicate properly but, I am lucky that I was not victim of such incidences. Aquafresh RO Purifer is one of those amazing online places where entire information for related product will be share. I am happy with the services I found here. Thanks!” – Garima Khatri, Banglore

“Aqua Novo, which was my choice to make my home safe by eliminating water impurities from drinking water, I have purchased recently from I have not only found flawless shipping and installation services for my RO system but also I have got three services for the product under yearly product warranty.” – Vijay Nihlani, Delhi

“I found Aquafresh RO system in the list of Best Water Purifier Systems in India so I purchased one and as per my experience it’s perfectly designed to provide safe drinking water. It saves kitchen space, doesn’t occupy much space, stores water up to 12litres, auto shuts off the pump and stops the flow of the water when the storage is full.” – Ishika Joshi, Mumbai

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